The School Management Information System (SMIS 4.0)

A computer program for the generation of electronic reports, fees handling, accounts, student bio-data/Photos, Library and Inventory Management. This system is widely used in Uganda by over 200 primary/Secondary schools.

UNEB(Uganda National Examinations Board) ANALYSIS SYSTEM(SMISuneb)

The need to have the UNEB Analysis, does not need to be over emphasized. The only way to measure Academic progress and Prosperity is to go the UNEB Analysis way. Capturing individual student results, processing and Analyzing Results, Printing Analysis Reports

Library information system (LIS 3.0).

A computer program for Library management. 

The Loan Tracking System (LTS 2.0)

A computer program for micro finance operations. Handles Single/ Group loan processing, flexible interest types (Flat Rate, Reducing Balance etc), generation of repayment schedules, balancing off cashiers, general banking ( Savings, Fixed Deposits, Shares etc) and general accounting.

The Human Resource and Records Manager(HRM 1.0)

A computer program for local government units (Districts, Municipal Councils, City Councils etc). It facilitates proper records and human resource management, monitoring of file movements, Electronic filing system involving capturing incoming/outgoing documents and keeping scanned copies into the system, handling disposal of documents, keeping records of employee assessments, promotions, leaves and generation of employee lists, handling of retirements and calculation of benefits.

The Beverages Point of Sale (BPOS 4.0)

A special point of sale system for dealers in soft drinks, sodas etc. It handles management of deliveries, products loaded on truck, sold then empties returned. Automatically reconciles Empties and Products Sold. It further facilitates sales men balancing off, helps in stock monitoring, management of empties delivered to the Head Office and monitoring credit sales.

The Supermarket Point of Sale (SPOS 4.0)

A system for the supermarket that facilitates, stock monitoring, enables generation of receipts and computation of change, monitoring of sales, balancing off cashiers, isolation of store from shop and capturing suppliers and invoices, determining of shortages, handling returned products and generation of sales reports, profit margin monthly sales, Re: order levels etc.

The Fuel Manager (FM 4.0)

Is a computer program for Fuel dealers. It handles fuel purchases from Head office, stock monitoring, management  of pump sales, balancing off cashiers, management of credit sales ( credit customers) and consumer customers, debtors repayments, capturing expenses, generation of debtor statements etc

The Airtime Manager (ATM 2.0)

A computer program for management of sale of airtime, balancing off cashiers, generation of product codes, handling stocks, management of sale of other products like phones and accessories

The Business Accounting System (BAS 2.0)

A general purpose accounting system for creation of chart of accounts, capturing incomes, expenses, budgeting and budget movement report, bank reconciliations, generation of financial reports, trial balance, balance sheet, income and expenditure, cash flow statement etc.

The Business Accounting System(BAS 4.0)

A General purpose Accounting System

Hospital Management System ( HMS 2.0)

For Hospitals, this program handles registration of patients, drug management, patient:doctor ratios, hospital beds etc.

The Health Products Point of Sale (HPOS 1.0)

 A special point of sale system for dealers in Health Products. It Facilitates online sales, cashier balancing off, stock monitoring commissions for client

The debt Management And Monitoring System(DMMS 3.0)

Is a system for management of debt recovery. It is suitable for debt recovery institutions. It also handles debtors repayments, management of recovery process, generator of summary reports showing recovery trend. 

The Payroll System (PRS 4.0)

Is a payroll processing program. It automatically calculates PAYEE, NSSF, Generates payslips, bank schedules, other payment schedules, handles loan schemes, generates loan statements for employees etc.

 The loan recovery System (LRS 4.0).

Is an accounting system that generates debtors statements.

The Inventory Management System (IMS 2.0)

A computer program that handles stock movements, generates stock statements, stock movement reports for a given period etc.

The Asset Tracker(AT 1.0)

An Asset Register, covering asset identification,valuation,categorization,Depreciation and reporting.