Most schools and institutions still use the traditional pen and paper system to manage accounts. The major problems with this system are delays to update ledgers, delays to provide stakeholders with up to date financial information, inconsistencies in crediting and debiting transaction accounts as well as telephone and transport costs incurred by stakeholders when they need any financial information. In order to solve the above problems, SACC, a software tool was developed to manage school transactions.  When required, this tool can send summarized financial reports to stakeholders using e-mail and mobile text message technologies.

The main objective of the SACC Package is to reduce the time and cost required to manage school accounting transactions, thereby improving the quality of service given to students benefactors, management and also to get more productivity from the Accounts office.

This software tool assists bursars to manage students’ fees records and to send accurate reports to benefactors through e-mail and mobile messages. By reducing the time for handling and processing students’ school fees transactions, the bursars are able to provide regular and timely updates to the benefactors about the fees status. In addition, administrators are able to receive financial reports on time and whenever required.

This tool reduces the time and cost of sharing information about students’ account status, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the school fees collection process to improve the quality of service given to students and benefactors.

SACC also enables the bursar to make entries of expenditure and also generates financial reports. The kind of reports that are generated are those which are recommended for schools by auditors.